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Desk job

Now I really need to buy a desk, as preparations for actually moving in to my office are in full swing.

Well, half a swing…or a slow swing…but it’s coming along. The back wall is finally up and looking clean, and I’ve managed to sweep about 14kg of cobwebs from the rafters.

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The mezzanine area is going to have my office area on it, and will ‘look over’ the lounge and bedroom area.

The floor is being built out of green oak, and it will be accessed by some sort of stairs (not decided at time of writing!).

Here are the pics:

Updated 23 January 2012

Updated 7 February 2012

Updated 24 February 2012

Upstairs of upstairs

It’s on like Donkey Kong right now – we started work today on the mezzanine that’s going to house my ‘office’ aka Facebook cruising zone.

It’s a bit of a big job, because we have to span a 7m gap with what is called ‘green oak’ – basically newly cut oak which still has a bit of water in it. Which makes it heavier.

To check out the progress pictures, click here -> Mezzanine.