As you may or may not know, the house (or the work that we can do to it) has been pretty much finished for months now.

Well ‘finished’ might be a little strong…maybe ‘stalled’ while we wait for local plasterers to come and finish the boarding on the roof (where we can’t reach) and then put 8mm of actual plaster on the walls.

So anyway, they’re finally here! So here are the pictures (in chronological order) as it becomes a house:

— Here’s where the plasterers moved in —

Wide angle pictures

During the summer my extremely skilled brother-in-law visited the build site with his monster camera.

As I am routinely humiliated for basically only using an iPhone 4 camera, I decided to try to get some pictures which show a little more of the project…and he kindly obliged.

Check out these wide-angle photos (from July 2012):

The kitchen

For more photos of how the kitchen has changed, click here -> Kitchen walls

Upstairs – living room and bedroom

For more pictures of the whole upstairs process, check out -> Mezzanine and Upstairs


See how the bathroom was made here -> Bathroom, Bathroom tiling and Shower


And finally the staircase, which was built from oak. See how, here -> Staircase

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